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5 Easy Home Exercises for Older Adults

Post date: 9/6/2016

easy homecare exercises for older adultsFor many adults of all ages, exercising around others creates feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness. Unfortunately, this negative experience can lead to decreased activity level, depression and a host of other health concerns. But here’s the good news: You don’t need to be a regular gymgoer or attend formal fitness classes to stay active. Exercising is crucial for your physical, emotional and mental health, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own terms in the space you feel most comfortable.

To help you begin a home fitness regimen that will meet your exercise goals (and pump up your self-confidence), we’ve compiled a list of simple, low-stress home exercises for older adults.

Here are our top five recommendations.

1. Walking

Not only is walking great for your joints, your cardiovascular system and your mental health, it is an exercise you can — quite literally — do anywhere. Whether it’s stepping in place in your living room or strolling up and down the street, walking is a great way to move your body.

2. Yoga

Low-impact exercises like yoga are perfect options for older adults who want to move their bodies more, but don’t want to put too much stress on their joints. Plus, free yoga classes that you can complete at home are readily available online, or you can make up your own routine with these 10 poses specifically recommended for seniors.

3. Strength Training

Improved muscle strength can help make even the most basic of daily functions — like washing your hair or folding laundry — easier on your body. Luckily, with just a light set of free weights, you can begin a strength training routine at home. Check out these suggested exercises to try or ask your doctor for a specific program to follow.

4. Chair Exercises

Do you know you can exercise without even standing up? Chair exercises are a safe and effective option for older adults to tone and strengthen muscles, and improve mobility. Find a supportive, straight-backed chair and check out these video demonstrations or this instructional guide.

5. Tai Chi

Improving your balance as you age is one of the best things you can do for your body. Similar to yoga, tai chi is low-impact and incorporates slow movements with deep breathing to improve flexibility and balance. In fact, some researchers believe it is the perfect exercise for older adults. You can find many free classes online or you can purchase a DVD specifically geared toward seniors.

Of course, with any new exercise regime, it’s important to make sure you discuss your plans with your doctor before you begin. Your doctor can help make sure your chosen approach is safe, and also provide you with additional resources.

Once you’ve received clearance from your doctor, there’s nothing standing in your way of incorporating more movement into your daily life — without ever having to leave the comfort of your living space.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy retirement. To help you age healthfully, successfully and feel youthful well into your retirement, we’ve put together an easy-to-understand Vitality Guide for Seniors.