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Important Updates About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Post date: 9/14/2020

September 14, 2020

As Sun Health continues to work to keep our residents and staff safe during this pandemic, we remind everyone that our diligence must continue to stop the spread.

In accordance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and per Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) Guidelines, Sun Health will begin to allow visitation within our Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Centers at the Sun Health Communities, beginning Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day) at The Colonnade; Tuesday, Sept. 8 at La Loma Village and Wednesday, Sept. 9 at Grandview Terrace.

Visitation will be determined by the level of Community Spread as well as meeting designated benchmarks provided by the AZDHS and Maricopa County on a weekly basis on the Department of Health Services website. Following the guidelines from AZDHS, Sun Health has created a set of Policies and Procedures. A copy of the full policies and procedures document is available for your review by clicking here. A hard copy of the document is available upon request. Additionally, please note that they are subject to change at any time based on updated guidance from local, state and federal agencies.

Overview of Procedures for Sun Health Communities to Determine Reopening:

  1. Reopening for visitors and other activities will be based on the level of spread within the community (Maricopa County). The three levels of spread are identified as Substantial, Moderate and Minimal. Community spread levels are also defined by three additional benchmarks: number of cases/100,000, percent positivity, and percent of COVID-like illness.
  2. Definitions of the above are as follows:
    1. Minimal Spread: evidence of isolated cases or limited community transmission with no evidence of exposure in large communal settings;
    2. Moderate Spread: sustained transmission with high likelihood or confirmed exposure within communal settings and potential for rapid increase in cases;
    3. Substantial Spread: large scale, controlled community transmission, including communal settings (e.g., schools, workplaces).
  3. Benchmarks defining the three levels of spread within Maricopa County are determined every Thursday and must fall within the moderate or minimal category in all three areas for the prior two weeks to allow visitation for those persons not considered essential or visiting for end of life.
  4. Signage will be posted in the entrance of the Health and Rehabilitation Center alerting everyone to the current “Level of Spread” status.

In order to visit someone in the health care settings on our campus, you will have to agree to the following stringent protocols, designed to keep you, the person you are visiting and our team members safe.

  • Appointments are required in advance of the visitation and adhere to visitation hours.
  • Visitors need to have documentation of taking an official PCR COVID-19 test and received negative test results within 48 hours prior to the visitation.
  • Visitors will complete the “Attestation of COVID-19 Test” form attesting that between the time they took the test and the time they arrived, they have isolated themselves to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Visitors under 18 years of age or who are attending in-person school are not permitted.
  • Visitors will use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.
  • Visitors will have their temperature taken, complete and pass screening form prior to the visit. Anyone with a temperature over 100.40 F will not be allowed to visit.
  • Visitors will sign in the visitor log for contact tracing purposes.
  • Visitors will wear a clean mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times.
  • Visitors will not unmask while on the premises.
  • I will socially distance from my relative/friend no less than 6 feet.
  • Visitors may visit residents’ private room for no more than 15 minutes while masked and socially distanced. This will only be allowed at the “Minimal Spread” level.
  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19, visitors will not use the restroom facilities nor touch surfaces.
  • Visitors will only be able to visit one individual on a particular day and will agree to follow all of the above protocols to schedule a future visit.

Any visitor who violates any of the above guidelines, will be asked to end the visit and leave the building. Sun Health reserves the right to restrict visitors who would risk the health and safety of our residents and team members.

I thank our residents and our team members for your understanding and support during this on-going crisis. Your efforts help you and benefit everyone in the Sun Health Communities family. This is truly a team effort to keep our campus safe from the Coronavirus.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate campus Health and Rehabilitation Center  (Grandview Terrace/La Loma Village) or Assisted Living and Memory Support Center (The Colonnade).

To date, we have no cases of COVID-19 as a result of the virus originating within our campuses. All instances of COVID-19 cases are a result of exposure from the outside our communities. Fortunately, those who have been exposed to these individuals, have tested negative for the virus.

This is a true testament to Sun Health’s strict safety protocols of hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizer, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), gloves, masks and social distancing of six-feet when possible are working. Implementing and adherence to these guidelines has certainly resulted in containing the spread of the virus.

We encourage the practice of these protocols for everyone to keep safe outside of work and our communities.

Staff members are encouraged to stay home if they are not feeling well, operating on a better to be safe than take any chances of infecting someone else. Sun Health leadership recognizes that our team members need support too and are keeping in close contact with staff and providing spiritual and emotional support.

We continue to restrict entries to our campuses to essential staff and visitors, based on the new policy. Also, in adherence to the Maricopa County-wide mandate to wear masks in public, all Sun Health residents and staff member are required to have a facial covering in place when at work and in contact with other staff, resident or visitors, or outside of their private residence at one of our three Sun Health Communities. In addition, following CDC recommendations, Sun Health is also providing team members with eye guards (face shields or goggles) to put on when they will be within 6 feet of others for over 5 minutes.

If you have a loved one at one of our campuses, please read below for additional information on safety measures for residents, visitors and staff. You may also contact us anytime at

If there is a positive case of COVID-19 at Sun Health the following steps are taken immediately:

  • The impacted person is advised to seek medical care. If they are asymptomatic Sun Health will provide guidance on protocols for self-isolation. Self-isolation is mandatory.
  • Sun Health leadership will complete contact-tracing procedures to identify any team members or residents who may have been exposed directly or via secondary contact, and take appropriate action to isolate and test as appropriate following established protocols.
  • Sun Health team members and/or residents identified as having direct contact with the individual will be immediately tested.
  • Our Environmental Services team will assess and disinfect potentially affected areas based on deep cleaning protocols, according to state and federal guidelines.
  • The Arizona Department of Health Services as well as the Maricopa County Department of Health are notified as required.

The health and safety of our residents, families and team members remain our top priority.

While we understand there may be questions should one of our campuses be alerted of a positive case, please understand that we must follow strict confidentiality guidelines to protect individual privacy and safety.

Our team will continue to support those directly impacted as well as everyone who is part of the Sun Health family.

Sun Health Foundation
Sun Health Foundation has pivoted to hosting online events and meeting virtually with our donors to keep them informed of our continued progress on the Generosity for Generations Campaign. Our Foundation team invites you to stay tuned for exciting updates on future events. If you have any questions about Sun Health Foundation, we invite you to contact us at (623) 471-8550 or send us an email

Sun Health Communities Independent Living Communities –
Grandview Terrace, La Loma Village and The Colonnade

We know that social distancing is working against COVID-19. Therefore, we will continue to limit the number of visitors on our campuses. We remain vigilant in keeping high-traffic areas disinfected.

We continue to take the following measures:

Our team members are following both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for safety by wearing masks and eye protection at all of our licensed skilled nursing and assisted living areas.

The Sun Health’s PPE Preparedness Taskforce is closely monitoring our current supply of PPE and looking beyond our usual vendors to purchase the necessary equipment at the best prices so we can increase our purchasing quantities during this crisis.

All staff and essential visitors are being screened prior to entering any Sun Health campus. We are still not allowing non-essential visitors to enter the building at this time. Essential visitors include health care providers providing direct care to residents and other specific service personnel who must first be approved by campus leadership. All deliveries should be left outside the main building at each campus.

Residents and staff who leave the campus for medical or dental appointments, visits to the hospital and to areas outside Arizona deemed high-risk by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as international destinations, may be asked to self-isolate in their residences for 14-days. Our staff will support those residents with any services they may need.

Dining venues are open on a very limited basis. All dining and meal needs continue to be met. Our culinary teams are delivering great meals right to our residents’ homes. Please note that grab and go items are not currently available. However, for the safety and convenience of our residents, each community has stocked some essential items for our residents to purchase without going to a grocery store.

Community Amenities such as our fitness centers, pools and game rooms and opening are based on what is best for each community.  We have found ways to provide entertainment as well as exercise and social engagement through our community channels, outdoor events, and online.

We continue limiting internal meetings with staff and residents until further notice. We have successfully implemented virtual meetings for our residents and team members.

On a limited basis we are offering guest rooms or are rebooking all essential visitors who would normally stay in one of our guest rooms to outside properties (for example, the nearby Hampton Inn).

There are still no planned events with outside organizations on our campuses. That precaution will remain in place until it is deemed safe to open up our campuses again.

These same protocols with more stringent visitor restrictions are being followed for the Health and Rehabilitation Centers on each of our communities. We’ve set-up ways for our residents to stay in touch with family via virtual means such as Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. Please continue to connect with administion at our Health and Rehab Centers or check back for updates.Sun Health Wellness

The experts at our Center for Health & Wellbeing are available for virtual consults as our wonderful Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing continues to provide needed services thanks to the clever use of technology and other means. To learn more about the Center and our current offerings, please click here or call us at (623) 471-9355.

And, we’re adding new events every week to our Healthy Living online and on-demand class listings. Please click here for more information.

Our Care Transitions and Memory Care Navigators
 are holding conference calls with families to keep connected.

  • To schedule a phone consultation with a Memory Care Navigator, click here or call (623) 471-9300.
  • To contact Care Transitions, click here or call (623) 471-9595.

In addition, the Dementia Caregiver Support Group support meeting happens from 3 to 4 p.m. every Wednesday by phone. To participate, call (623) 471-9571. Once prompted, enter PIN number 9571. The telephone line will only be open during the duration of the call. 

Sun Health At Home
Our Wellness Coordinators continue to be available 24/7 to meet our members’ needs. Sun Health At Home is scheduling in person Discovery seminars following stringent safety protocols for social distancing and sanitation. We also have developed a virtual Discovery seminar and can schedule individual meetings to meet your needs. To watch our virtual seminar, which can be viewed on-demand, as well as to RSVP for our in person events, please click here. If you have any questions, please call us at (623) 227-4663.

Sun Health Resale Boutique in Sun City and Resale Shop in Sun City West in Conjunction with Sun City West Foundation
Our Sun City and Sun City West shops are open with safety modifications.

We’ve implemented a number of procedures to keep our customers, volunteers and staff safe including:

  • Stores are limited to 10 customers at a time
  • Donation stream will be regulated
  • Volunteers will be wearing masks
  • Masks requested of our customers

The stores will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. For the latest information, please click here

Sun Health is here for you

As our Administrative team members continue to work remotely, we are fully operational and accessible for all resident, member, donor and community matters, and will continue to respond quickly and efficiently. Sun Health and our communities will maintain limited, on-site staff to administer mail, overnight delivery services, phone calls, etc. to ensure uninterrupted client service.

We continue to operate on these assumptions:

The Sun Health COVID-19 Task Force will err on the side of being over-cautious and safe (with the understanding that the immediate health and safety of our community will take priority over financial impact). We will remain calm, collected, organized, and communicate with composure, compassion and clarity with each other and our community.