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Aging in Place: Why You Don’t Have to Leave Home

Post date: 3/16/2016

Aging in Place photoThere’s no place quite like home. It’s the place where you bake your treats, lovingly tend to your garden and make special memories with family and friends. Many older adults worry they’ll face a day when living at home will no longer be an option.

Today’s retirees have access to unique resources that can make aging in place an attainable reality. Here are three reasons why aging in place is now workable for many older adults.

Help with Tasks of Daily Living

The sharing economy makes it easy to hire out tasks you physically can’t (or no longer want to) do. For example, many older adults dread the day when they’ll be told they can no longer drive their own vehicle. But what used to mean the loss of independence now means leaving transportation to a free service like Northwest Valley Connect, or paid services like Envoy America, Uber or Lyft. In many cities, you can hire people to deliver groceries and other goods right to your door, clean your home, walk your pets and provide nearly any other service you need.

SHAH-250X250In-Home Health Care is Widely Available

One of the primary reasons older adults move into an assisted living center is the appeal of having staff available around-the-clock to help with the tasks of daily living, like preparing meals and remembering when to take your medication. Today, many seniors hire home health care specialists to provide services within their own home.

Aging in Place is Affordable

There are many advantages to living in a retirement community, but it can be an expensive option, especially in a community that provides assisted living or skilled care services. In many cases, living in your own home and paying separately for needed services costs less than a retirement community—especially if you invest in a long-term care plan.

While retirement communities offer their share of benefits, for the seniors who prefer the familiarity and comfort of their own home, aging in place is increasingly viable. If you’ve worked hard to make your house a home, have strong ties with your neighbors, or just know you prefer the privacy of staying in your own place, all you need to do is select the right resources to make sure you can safely age in place.

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