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How to protect yourself from the financial impact of Alzheimer’s disease

How to protect yourself from the financial impact of Alzheimer’s disease

Post date: 7/2/2018

Alzheimer’s disease is a frightening disease, emotionally, physically and financially – bringing a looming threat of major medical bills for around-the-clock specialty care that can’t be ignored.

Many assume that Medicare will cover the expense, but like most insurance plans, it’s not intended to handle long-term care, or any kind of chronic condition that requires ongoing care.

In fact, Medicare requires very specific conditions to be in place before coverage is approved for any kind of assisted living and it excludes non-skilled assistance for tasks of daily living, where most costs associated with dementia’s come into play.

Medicare only covers what follows a hospital stay for the same or related condition, and only for a short period of time. Even Medigap policies don’t cover long-term care.

The importance of being proactive

Options for care (and paying for that care) narrow significantly once a diagnosis becomes official, so planning ahead is essential for those with financial assets they’d like to protect.

A long-term care insurance policy or certain types of life insurance are something to consider for those who can afford it and meet the health criteria to qualify.

There’s another choice to include in your due diligence, too, especially for those who have considered moving to an independent living retirement community in Arizona. It’s called a Life Care community.

Not only does it clearly define the financial decisions ahead of time, but it can provide a strategy for where you’ll receive care that’s comforting when you’re surrounded by unknowns.

It replaces worry with a reassuring road map.

The continuing care environment

One of senior care’s most innovative trends, continuing care retirement communities (also called CCRCs or life plan communities) offer seamless levels of care that’s typically available within the same campus or nearby.

Residents move in as independent adults, transitioning to assisted living, skilled care or memory care later on if their ability to live independently changes.

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Like long-term care insurance and life insurance that have certain health screenings, a Life Care community has a medical qualification, as well as a financial one. This ensures the potential resident is able to live independently and participate in all amenities the new lifestyle has to offer.

These communities typically offer a variety of plans to choose from, including an all-inclusive plan.

The Life Care Guarantee

As the costs of care continue to rise, and long-term care insurance becomes more and more exclusionary, some continuing care communities take peace-of-mind a step further. In addition to their seamless options and independent living lifestyle, a guarantee is layered on top of each plan. Called Life Care communities, a guarantee of care and housing for the resident’s lifetime is built into their contract.

Regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance, Life Care protects their financial assets from whatever health challenges may come, with the benefit of living in a continuing care community that is focused on health and wellbeing. It’s a long-term care solution with an attractive lifestyle built right in.

For those who worry if Alzheimer’s lies ahead, and can meet the medical and financial requirements to join, it might be the ideal solution.

Sun Health Senior Living offers three Life Care communities in Arizona, and a lifestyle focused on good health, wellbeing and independence. Its award-winning memory care, skilled care and assisted living services are available to residents depending on the plan selected when they move in.

Some services are also available to the general public on a space available basis. 

To learn more, we invite you to explore our website or attend an upcoming workshop near you.

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