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Is my CCAH plan portable if I move out of state?

Is my CCAH plan portable if I move out of state

Post date: 6/14/2018

Exploring the benefits of a continuing care at home membership

When someone is evaluating a continuing care at home (CCAH) membership program, the options are enticing. Personalized support and services are designed to assist active adults who have a desire to age in place.

Services may include wellness activities and benefits, coaching to create a healthier lifestyle and health and safety evaluations and recommendations. A CCAH can assist in coordinating and providing financial protection similar to a long-term care insurance policy which will provide for skilled care or assisted living.

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As with any major decision, it’s wise to consider how life changes such as relocating might impact your membership. Asking practical questions to fully understand your membership is essential.

One scenario to consider is this: What happens if you buy a CCAH membership, then move closer to family or friends in another state? Does the membership come with you?

Some CCAH memberships are portable

Not every membership is the same, but once you’ve been a member of the Sun Health at Home CCAH plan for one year, the plan becomes portable.

Within the continental United States, Sun Health can contract with other CCAH communities or local providers to coordinate care and pay for what you need, no matter where you decide to live.

All plan benefits might not transfer with you, depending on the provider and where you’re headed, however. The events and activities that are part of one CCAH program to help its members remain social and engaged may not be available at another location, or may be substantially different, especially for those moving to smaller rural locations without a similar continuing care community nearby.

The care benefits (assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care and home services) are likely to be the same, but the lifestyle benefits may vary.

Coming to Arizona, instead of leaving

Portability works both ways, too, whether you’re coming or going. If you’re a current member of a CCAH program in New Jersey and move to Sun City West, you are not alone. Most CCAH programs are eager to assist members who are moving away from their home program location, having formed a CCAH alliance just for that purpose.

We’re snowbird-friendly

This portability applies to vacations and snowbird lifestyles, too!

Accidents happen and managing out-of-state benefits are much easier with an experienced coordinator handling the details.

Here’s an example. Say you’re spending the summer visiting your grandchildren in Denver. You go line dancing with your daughter and son-in-law, and are having a wonderful time… until you get back to the house and trip over a bathroom rug.

The resulting broken hip may result in the need for a stay in a rehabilitation center. Not only does the wellness coordinator of your CCAH follow your recovery until you are able to safely return home, they ensure Medicare requirements are followed.

The CCAH program also assists with non-medical services needed during the rehabilitation period.

Thanks to your Arizona CCAH plan following you during your travels, your peace-of-mind, and that of your family, is assured.

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Understand your contract before signing

Life can be unexpected. Before you sign, it’s important to closely read and understand the portability of the plan you’re considering, along with other terms in the contract.

Asking thoughtful questions can help you consider some of the “what-ifs” life may throw your way and how they impact your membership. It’s also helpful to discuss it with your family and an estate planning and/or tax planning professional before finalizing membership.

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